Those last few moments before meeting that sweet little miracle. The excitement and anticipation and sometimes worry(or not) is just so special.


Stacey will be speaking locally at Community Natural Foods this month on Heart Health and ways to achieve this through nutrition. She truly is an amazing holistic nutritionist with so much valuable knowledge to share. Check her out HERE and register for her lecture HERE.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a quiet day.. I love and dread these days all at the same time. Often I find myself living a never ending to do list.. The busy life that comes with being a mother of three is fulfilling and those errands that pile on top of the next is something I actually love. When these quiet days come I am often caught by surprise. Almost searching for something to get my hands onto whether it be researching our next reno project or falling into the mundane tasks of keeping a household together. Today I am letting it all go and reliving those quiet days I once had when I would simply pick up my camera – with no intention. It feels free and careless. My sweet baby Eve – four and a half months old.

The Kearl Family

Sweet family of five. So full and so loved.

xo Maria.

The Andrews Family

This sweet family of four boys. So full and so much love.


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