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Smallable . Children’s Clothing Store in Paris, France and Online Worldwide

Lots of catch up to play on my blog, and I hope to give it a little more love. Here are a few photos we did for SMALLABLE. A beautiful company based in Paris, France and caters worldwide. Their May/June online magazine can be viewed HERE where they feature these photos of our kids. We are completely honored to be a part of it!

VIVINT . An Editorial Photo Essay

At the end of last year we did a photo essay for a brand book published by VIVINT. We’re so grateful to have been a part of it. Here are just a few images of the feature along with a few words.

VIVINT: Ode to the Home

What does home mean to you?

Home is comfort and joy and love that all exist in one place. It is the early morning giggles I hear from a child’s bedroom and the tiny footsteps that walk, dash and race about. It is the midnight awakening from a child that whispers they need a drink of water and most always a snuggle. It is the furniture that is worn, threads loose, dents dwelling, a scratch to join the rest. Well used and well loved. It is a place of labor and hard work with a reward that’s truly priceless. It is organization and the opposite. It is all of our favorite things being unified and cherished. The memories that are made and remembered in a home are the most significant to me. All moments whether big or small that are celebrated or merely noticed adds to that feeling of home. I hope to continue to create our home as an expression of who we are and the love that we share and grasp onto the everyday moments while doing so.

What is one of your favorite memories in your home?

Our home is fairly old(new to us) and since day one we have been completely immersed in a full renovation that we have been working on ourselves. There have been many late nights and night after nights and nights without sleep. We have been pulling apart things down to the very bones of the house and repairing it all. Some with ease and some without. It has been busy and fun and challenging. Our youngest(Eve) was born last year and that is a sweet memory I have in our home, a very favorite. The day before and the hours leading up to it, we were still renovating. Nathan, amongst tacking on baseboards, touching up paint was also building me a headboard at the same time. And then she came. She was born. She was with us. The sweetest angel in my arms and in our home. Time stood still. The chaos of the renovation and the panic of trying to get everything done on time just stopped. Life slowed, and each and every one of us was able to be with her and together. And completely present. Present in the moment and all moments that were being created as precious memories. Shortly after, the renovations picked up again and so did work and life and the reality of it all but I will always remember(and be grateful) for that sweet memory we had together as a family and in our home.

With Love,

ZARA TWO . Children’s Clothing Campaign Worldwide

Our most recent ZARA collaboration is up! Check out our kids under the section “brothers and sisters”

ZARA . Brothers and Sisters Worldwide Campaign

It feels so surreal to see my photography and my children on the ZARA Worldwide Website. Truly such an honor and I am so completely grateful to have collaborated with such an amazing brand. Please check it out at WWW.ZARA.COM under Brothers and Sisters. If you click on the images it will give you an itemized list of the clothing that they are wearing. Thank you for all the support!

xo Maria

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